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grafix_promo's Journal

Promote Your Graphics Communities Here!
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promote your graphics!

This community is for promoting graphics communities only - so if your community produces icons, headers, banners, or picspams, this is the place to promote it!


1. ONLY graphics communities are to be promoted. Icontest comms are NOT allowed.

2. You may only promote your community once a month.

3. Please offer some description of your graphics communities (interests, fandoms, etc) and provide examples of graphics. If icons, provide 6-12 examples. Anything larger than 100x100 must be placed under an LJ cut.

4. In the subject line, put "promo/promotion for 'name of comm'".

5. Direct your questions and/or affiliation requests here.

6. Remember, the only way a community such as this can even begin to flourish is if lots and lots of folks join! So join!